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The Portal lies deep within the Dragon's Lair in the heart of the mountain Darakön. It is the portal into and from the celestial realm from where the dragons come and a source of great magic.

A Piece From Kaulchèc History

Before recorded history, the Kaulchèc came to the Great Ocean Valley and taught polcs how to utilise their magic in more powerful and practical ways. These Kaulchèc also discovered that if one enters the Portal, one can understand and master magic more powerfully. Upon reemerging from the Portal, one will be more powerful than any other.

To mitigate greed for power, Teloria's rulers declared that one could only go through the Portal near the end of their life if they were already powerful enough in magic. In this way, that polc would die and become a star and not reemerge. Thus, the people of Teloria came to an agreement with the dragons who guarded the Portal.

However, greed for power overcame Bortah Mittèlor during King Silovah Firlan Mittèlor's rule, and the king banished his brother and other members of his family from Teloria, in 2260 of Kaulchèc History. Eventually, fearing that greed would overcome him as well, Silovah Firlan left in exile, with many following him, and formed the small kingdom of Firlan Forest.

Over time, Bortah Mittèlor and his followers and new allies from the western islands, founded Morok,now known as Mork, with the goal to one day gain access to the Portal.

The Portal During Mirauk's Reign

To enter the Portal,one must pronounce the Portal Key Spell. This spell is not to be learnt by heart and is guarded by the Great Wizards of Teloria. When the Morkan threat became greater, the spells, along with many others, was divided in two parts and written into two books to mitigate any chances of the enemy getting ahold of the complete spell.

While there were many attempts to steal the two spell books, the Book of Enchantment and the Compliment Book, none were successful until Mirauk's reign. In 4716, Morkans attacked Teloria en masse in a great war that became known as The Big War, and the Morkan knights successfully stole the Book of Enchantment. Thankfully, the Compliment Book had been separated and guarded by the Great Wizardess's apprentice, Niome Fairhaven. Mirauk bided his time to prepare another ruthless attack on Teloria to attempt to steal the Compliment Book in order to go through the Portal and become the most powerful wizard to exist.

An attempt was made by Teloria to take the book back, but none from the team led by Bahvley Fairhaven ever returned,except for the Great Wizardess, Elina, who was cursed by Mirauk.[1]

Dragon Head Icon (Stardust Destinies).jpg Stardust Destinies I: Variate Facing Spoilers
In 4766, Niome Fairhaven and four others leave to retrieve the Book of Enchantment. Upon retrieving it, their mission takes them to the Portal where, instead of entering the Portal, Niome destroys the two books so that no one may ever enter again, at least not as easily as with the Portal Key Spell.


Celinka Serre (May the Stars shine upon you!)