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There are multiple Locations and Countries from where the various peoples come from in the world of Stardust Destinies. Here you will find a list of these places, countries, forests, rivers, oceans, landmarks and more. This is also the main page for the Great Ocean Valley.

The Great Ocean Valley 

The Great Ocean Valley is a large expanse of land that lies South of a large and long mountain range; it is part of a continent in the Northern hemisphere of the world where Stardust Destinies takes place. It is the central area where the books take place.[1]


The Great Ocean Valley is home to many peoples of a number of countries and kingdoms, where many of its settlers already existed before the founding of these kingdoms. 

While magic exists across all the lands, it resides predominently in the Great Ocean Valley and the valley north of the great mountain range due to their proximity to the magical Portal to the celestial realm that lies within the mountain.[2]

Countries & Kingdoms & Main Cities

Central Mork


Desert of Dûnelor

Firlan Forest

Islands of Mork

Mork (ancient Morok)


Teloria City

Lakes, Rivers, Oceans & other bodies of Water

Dakodol River

Great Ocean

Malgar River

Ortim River

Telor Lake & Stream of Fluidity

Zaccher Lake



Tweedle Woods

Twisted Forest



The Hills

Other Locations of Significance

Celestial Realm

Dragon's Lair

Gord Plains

Malgar's Palace

Mirauk's Shrine

Old Grey House


Royal Halls (formerly Governor's Hall)

The Fence (landmark)

Tower Fortress

Zaccher Grey House

Beyond the Great Ocean Valley

Colama Valley



Kiki's Land

Land of Dûnelor

Lands Beyond to the East

Celinka Serre (May the Stars shine upon you!)